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IAMVI handmade products

A tasteful tradition full of colors!

IAMVI handmade products

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Traditional products and recipes. The traditional fruit preserves «IAMVI» are made of hand-picked fruits and are available in a wide variety. They are produced with the use of traditional methods and they are conserved thanks to homemade syrup, consisting purely of sugar and water, without the addition of any colourants or artificial ingredients. All the colors and avors of nature are sealed in an innovative, stylish jar which is truly representative of the pureness, authenticity and high quality of our delicacy. Through the defined simplicity of its lines and the tasteful combination of colours, our packaging is a juxtaposition of the perfect harmony between tradition and a cutting-edge concept.


Made by us ... For you


sweet history

The art of preparing homemade sweet fruit preserves is a craft that has been around for thousands of years. It’s was rst invented by households as a technique of preserving seasonal fruits and vegetables all year round. Their core ingredient is any fruit known by man, from the most common ones to the most exotic. These delicacies, at rst only reserved for households, are increasingly becoming a healthy and selective gourmet inspiration and, therefore, a valuable merchandise.



According to Greek mythology, when Demeter, the goddess of bountiful harvest, very sad because she had lost her daughter, first heard the playful jokes of IAMVI, the daughter of the god Pan, she broke into a joyous laughter and the dry lands surrounding them became fertile again. This is what IAMVI is all about. The simple joy and pleasure of food and the art of warm hospitality: simple and delicious handmade treats, inside which all the colours and flavours of nature are captured.


about us...

The secret to the unique taste and high quality of our handmade fruit preserves prepared in our family business, lies in the traditional, long-lived family recipes that have been passed down over three generations. We’ve been open since the beginning of 2015 in Patras and we already propose a variety of four (soon to be eleven) different flavours of sweet preserves made of natural fruits farmed by local producers in the region of the Peloponnese, which is renowned for its acclaimed, high-quality natural products.



See and explore one by one our premium spoon sweets, jams and syrups. You can browse any of our products individually and focus on the detailed description of each code. Our sweets are accompanied by an analytical nutrition table and suggested ways of serving. Finally, the photos highlight the final product in a bottle or bottle, with the different label, as well as pictures of the sweet itself for a delicious visual "flavor"



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