IAMVI Γλυκά του κουταλιού

Grandmother’s recipes travel abroad.

Crisis generates opportunities many claims, and the example of the two young people from Patras confirms this finding. George Papanikolaou and Dimitris Tsalpatouros left their careers as engineers, joined forces and in 2015 they created "IAMVI", producing sweet spoons of the grandmother's recipes.

Summer smell of sour cherries, aromatic peel of Achaia bitter orange and bergamot, fig made from the first fruits of May, crispy apple firiki, mature quince flesh, grape sultanas crunchy cherries with vivid red color from the mountainous Peloponnese, green small bitter orange of Achaia gathered in July, before it matures, great strawberries and aubergine from Achaia.

"IAMVI" started its journey in the art of the sweet spoon with a workshop on Patras Beach last May, which already supplies 12 points of sale in Patras and Achaia and three stores in Athens, and has expanded its activities with the cooperation of one Gourmet e-shop in France.  "These recipes that came into our hands were real diamonds and we decided to develop them into a quality-made traditional product with the proper branding" says George Papanikolaou.

Image removed.The aim of the founders of the company is to make traditional products known abroad, giving consumers the opportunity to discover them.

It is a family-run business of handmade spoon sweets, based on traditional recipes that have been preserved for three generations. "We rely on the local production of its wider region, which has a natural wealth of exceptional variety and quality. We focused on the first stage of our operation on four fruits and their variety is now widening. We use only exquisite pure ingredients, emphasizing on careful selection and sorting of fruit to achieve a delicious taste and aesthetic result, "they point out.

Recently, Iamvi’s bitter orange from Patras has won the Silver medal in the Dessert Category of the unique French-style gourmet competition "Epicures 2016" which was held in Paris on 13 June in Paris, the well-known magazine ” Le Monde de l'épicerie fine” specializing in gourmet products.

Source: http://www.ypaithros.gr/patra-glyka-tou-koutaliou-pou-stazoun-paradosi/